Employee Engagement

According to HR.Com’ 2018 white paper, there are many definitions of employee engagement. Their research reports a number of factors that define an employee’s engagement, which can be summarised as:

Employee Engagement is an employee’s willingness to give their best at work, their emotional commitment to the organization and its objectives, their level of satisfaction with their work situation, their positive impact on business results, and their degree of happiness while in the workplace.

The white paper reported strong evidence linking engagement to performance, with the biggest impact being on customer service and productivity.

The Valley Clinic’s specialist physiotherapists can help you to create the culture and environment that will promote better employee engagement.

Evidence shows that listening, praising and maintaining a positive work culture are linked to highly engaged organizations.

  • We can help you demonstrate your commitment to your team and their wellbeing.
  • We can help improve your employees’ comfort and reduce symptoms that may distress or distract them.
  • We can influence changes that will improve wellbeing.
  • As an employer, you need to ensure that your employees are passionate about their jobs, take pride in their achievements, and arrive at the office enthusiastic and full of positivity. WE CAN HELP!

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