Personal Training & Rehabilitation

Nick has been involved in health and wellbeing for over twenty years and ismember of The Chartered Institute For The Management Of Sport And Physical Activity. His client base has been broad and varied, from elite athletes to individuals challenged by long term illness. Nick works with a wide range of health practitioners to help his clients achieve their goals, especially in the areas of behavioural change and personal development. Alongside personal training certification, Nick holds a diploma in Clinical Exercise Referral and a level 4 Cancer and Exercise Rehabilitation Coaching qualification

Nick is passionate about how movement and exercise can be used to enhance the quality and enjoyment of everyday life and his training methods reflect these ideals by encouraging the body to move in a natural, efficient manner.

“I like to think of good health as an organic concept. How you feel physically will affect how you are emotionally. I’m really interested in how factors such as being in nature, increasing daily activity and simplifying life, even for a short time, can have a profound positive effect on wellbeing.

Nick has helped me change my life. I first started seeing him for training sessions around 5 years ago when my life was crazy and stressful and difficult. He has helped me with a tailored training plan and made all the sessions we did fun . Nick is a lot more than just a great fitness coach. We all go through through a lot emotionally in life and he has helped me with my perspective and outlook,
not just from a fitness angle but life holistically. I would highly recommend his services if you want to get the most out of yourself and have some laughs (and maybe a few tears) along the way. He really cares and that is the difference between him and a lot of other instructors who are just going through the motions. He is a life coach, a confidante, a fitness instructor, a motivatorgo see him and find out for yourself.
Gareth - Owner - Financial Services Company
After another fall,  I had dual attention at The Valley Clinic with Physiotherapy, followed by practical exercises with Nick from Wholegevity. Nick spent time with me helping with balance, coordination and spatial awareness, all of which I found contributed to improving my overall movement patterns. 
I warmly commend The Valley Clinic and Wholegevity for their collaborative approach and the way they integrate both physiotherapy and functional-based exercise into their treatment programmes.
Ben Eaton
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