Knee and back pain are common repetitive strain injuries for cyclists. Most of these can be avoided. The key may be in making minor adjustments to your bike fitting or your posture.

To help prevent knee injuries:

1) Ensure that the angle at your knee is 30 degrees when your foot is at the lowest part of the rotation and 110 degrees at the top of the rotation when it is most bent. NOTE: You may need to adjust your seat height and/or cleat position.

2) Ensure that the cleat is adjusted to a natural toe out position.

To help prevent back injuries:

1) If you are already experiencing problems, try tilting the seat forward by 10-15 degrees.

2) Try to focus more on firing your buttock muscles (gluteals) on the drive phase. NOTE: You may benefit from specific strengthening of these muscles.

3) An angle of 90 degrees at the shoulder and hip in relation to the trunk will help prevent postural fatigue and pain.

Please contact us for further advice or rehabilitation! Cycle safely!

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